Webinar: Sustainable Diets

Do you want to know more about the complex subject of healthy and sustainable food? On 12 March 2019 we are holding a free webinar on how to calculate a healthy and […]

Healthy and sustainable diets for people and planet

Recently, the EAT-Lancet commission published a report on healthy and sustainable diets. In our studies we arrive at roughly the same conclusion. However, our research method was different, and actually more precise.

Conference: Science and Technology for Meat Analogues

On the 1 and 2 November 2018 Wageningen Food & Biobased research will organise the conference ‘Science and Technology for Meat Analogues’ . During the conference the latest research findings and insights […]
Optimeal - redevelopment

Sneak preview: First impressions of the Optimeal update

We have already announced that Optimeal is undergoing a substantial update. At the moment we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the updated program. In the meantime we are […]
Development of Optimeal

Taking Optimeal to the next level

One of the biggest global challenges we face is to make food production and consumption both healthier and more sustainable. Besides the growing world population, there is a shift in the composition […]
Optimisation on health & sustainability

Sustainable diets & Optimisation: Join us at Food Matters Live 2017

The challenge of making the global production and consumption of food more sustainable is becoming increasingly urgent. Optimisation techniques can help to obtain a greater understanding of how to improve diets on nutritional […]

EU project PROMISS

Blonk Consultants is one of the partners in the EU project PROMISS. PROMISS is an international project that aims to turn the challenge of tackling malnutrition in older people into an opportunity […]
Livewell Plates - WWF

‘Eating for 2 degrees’ – update Livewell Plates WWF UK

In 2011 WWF-UK  published its first Livewell Plate, which brought the sustainable diets debate to the attention of the public. Livewell Plates is WWF-UK’s project to show that changing our diet can […]

How to make the shift to a more sustainable and healthy food system?

The food system, from production to consumption and waste treatment, makes a big contribution (20–30%) to global greenhouse gas emissions and a big claim on scarce natural resources. By 2050 we will […]

Optimise your diet!

We challenge you: Create a diet, which is healthy and sustainable as possible! Optimise your diet! aims to address the challenge of making the global food production and consumption system more sustainable […]

Putting sustainable diets into practice

In this article Gerard Kramer and Hans Blonk describe how food and beverage companies can implement the concept of sustainable diets into product development to future-proof their product portfolio. Understanding the balance […]

Workshop Sustainable Diets

On the 9th of November we organise an exclusive workshop on ‘Sustainable Diets’. During this interactive workshop you will learn more about the balance between environmental impact and nutritional value of food […]

Presentation IUFOST 2016 – Optimized sustainable diets for 2030

Presentation by Gerard Kramer at IUFOST2016 – World Congress of Food Science & Technology

WWF & Sustainable diets

In 2011 WWF UK published the first ‘Livewell plate’, which was followed by Livewell plates for France, Spain and Sweden in 2013. They were very successful in putting the topic of sustainable […]
duurzame en gezonde voeding

Schijf van Vijf 2016: Key role for Optimeal®

On 22 March this year the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) presented its totally revised Schijf van Vijf guidelines on the five principle components of a healthy diet. These guidelines are provided to […]
gezonde en duurzame voeding

Optimeal® 2.0: insights and solutions for food issues

One of the biggest challenges today is to make food production and consumption both healthier and more sustainable. The Optimeal® tool, developed by Blonk Consultants, provides insight in this complex matter. It […]