Optimeal® will support you with strategic thinking on healthy and sustainable nutrition and the role of specific food products therein.

In order to use the Optimeal® software package a licence is needed.
Prices for an Optimeal® licence are available on request.

Please contact Blonk Consultants.

Optimeal® demo

Curious about Optimeal®?
Interested in how Optimeal® can help you and your organisation?
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We can provide you with a free demo version.

What is included?

An Optimeal® licence will give you lots of benefits

Yearly user meeting

During our yearly meeting or webinar we will inform you about the new developments and get your feedback on Optimeal.

Updates & Inspiration

We will keep you updated and inspired! You will receive information about new applications of Optimeal.

New datasets

We will provide you with the newest available datasets. Such as new country datasets.

Tailored advice

We will give you personal advice on how to use Optimeal in your specific case or related to the issues you want to address.


Support with (technical) issues regarding Optimeal.

Interested in an Optimeal® licence?
Or do you have questions about Optimeal®?
Want to know more about healthy and sustainable diets?