How does it work?

How does it work?

Schematic illustration of Optimeal®

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Features of Optimeal®

Optimeal® has several attractive features that make the program broadly applicable.

Easy interface

The tool is suitable for most personal computers. It can be used by everybody with some basic nutritional knowledge. The interface provides easy access to all possible settings and produces clear graphs and tables for presentations and further analysis of the results.

Built-in calculation engine

Optimeal® has a built-in calculation engine that takes the guess work out of the equation. Users can choose the default calculation option or modify the settings according to their choice. This guarantees that solutions will always satisfy the requirements and allow the user to study different scenarios.

Modular design

The design of Optimeal® is modular. Centred around the calculation engine are several databases containing information about the nutritional requirements (60), nutritive values and popularity of 1500 food products and prices and environmental impact of over 200 food products, as well as information on serving size. Most data can be edited by the user.

Sound environmental data

The environmental database contains the greenhouse gas emissions, fossil energy use, land use and overall environmental impact (ReCiPe) of each product, calculated by Blonk Consultants, building on the latest version of the LCA Agri-footprint Database. The data is representative for average foods being consumed in the Netherlands.

Big starting library

Optimeal® comes with nutritional guidelines compiled in cooperation with Voedingscentrum(the Netherland Nutrition Centre) as well as typical Dutch diets calculated from the latest dietary surveys. All this per gender and several age groups.

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