Workshop Know better, Eat better!

Workshop: Know Better, Eat Better

Your fork is a powerful tool for sustainability!

We are facing challenges of global proportions. For one thing, our diet and how we produce our food have a major impact on the planet: one third of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by what we eat each day. Moreover, a large proportion of the world’s population either have a very unhealthy diet or are malnourished. If we want the growing global population to enjoy a healthy diet we urgently need to change our food system. And what about your own diet? That is what we investigate in our ‘Know Better, Eat Better!' workshop.

How can we make our food system healthier for ourselves and the planet?

Blonk Consultants has considerable experience with this complex issue. Over the years we have worked with many different organisations. For WWF UK we calculated what a healthy and sustainable diet could look like for the people of the United Kingdom to make their contribution to the Paris target of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. For Dutch environmental lobby organisation Natuur & Milieu we investigated how people in the Netherlands can eat healthily and sustainably, now and in the future. That resulted in the Menu for Tomorrow (Menu van Morgen). And for a number of food concerns we have calculated how future proof (the right balance between healthy and sustainable) their products actually are. All these studies were done using Optimeal, a tool that gives us insight into sustainable and healthy dietary patterns. The tool takes account of nutritional requirements (health) for a healthy diet and combines these with environmental limits (sustainability), such as a maximum carbon footprint.

Workshop ‘Know Better, Eat Better!’

We are happy to share this expertise with you so that together we can reduce the impacts of our food system. For companies and other organisations we do this in our ‘Know Better, Eat Better!' workshop. In this interactive workshop, we explore these issues with you and your employees and show how you can produce food that is sustainable, healthy, tasty and affordable – all in one. How do you decide what is healthy? What does a healthy diet actually consist of? And what exactly is a sustainable diet? How can this be calculated? What are the quick wins for a healthier and more sustainable dietary pattern? How should the Dutch eat to reduce the environmental impact of their food? Through provocative and inspiring tasks and discussions your staff will acquire new insights into these complex issues. They will also discover how healthily and sustainably they are feeding themselves.

The workshop:

Vitality policy

supports your organisation’s vitality policy – it raises awareness about healthy and sustainable diets and gives participants practical guidance on how to eat more healthily and sustainably themselves.


shows how important sustainability is within your business.

Strengthening the networking of your staff

provides a pleasant and informal way of strengthening the networking of your staff –everyone can take part.

New perspective on our food system

provides an innovative new perspective on making our food system healthier and more sustainable.

Participants get:

a better understanding of the complex subject of healthy and sustainable food;

an enjoyable and stimulating
morning or afternoon.

practical guidance on making dietary patterns healthier and more sustainable

techniques for keeping
a food diary

The practical details

The workshop is designed for 10 to 12 participants. We will hold it on location at your site. We just need a room with a digital projector or display and internet access. The participants must have a laptop or PC with an internet connection. We will provide a healthy and sustainable snack for the break. We only ask you to provide the coffee, tea and water.
  • Introductory film: participants will be sent a short film (about 10 minutes) in preparation for the workshop.
  • Food diary: for two days preceding the workshop, participants should keep a food diary recording what they eat (with support from us).
  • The workshop: consists of a half-day session (4 hours, preferable from 13.00 – 17.00) at your site, including a sustainable and healthy snack.

More information

Are you ready to learn about healthy and sustainable nutrition? If you have any questions about the workshop or want to discuss the possibilities,
please contact Roline Broekema, without obligation, at or call +31 (0)182 579970.

How can we make our food system healthier for ourselves and the planet? That is what we investigate in our ‘Know Better, Eat Better!’ workshop.